Lewis Jordan The Den Maker

The bag I first picked up at Glastonbury Festival 2019. The bag that made me want to run a sustainable business selling eco-friendly products. The bag that made me do this now.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

One walk a day?! Do not travel anywhere. Do not explore. Definitely do not play. No one needs reminding of this. But this was reality. And it made me realise just how important the outside is. I was not alone in this either. With absolutely zero plans, I began looking back. I went through old photos, talked about the good times and past adventures. The crazy monkeys in Costa Rica, climbing pinky blue mountains in the Dolomites, the enormous blue whales in Sri Lanka, walking in the wet hills of the Lake District. And when I had nothing left to talk about, I began designing. Landscapes, mountains, animals and jungles. Leaves, flowers, sunsets, night skies. The more time I spent in the four walls of my flat, the more I wanted to bring the outside in.


And that was basically it. The idea of The Den was born. 


Now I needed to make it happen. And luckily I still didn’t have many plans. So I went about creating. I sourced FSC paper to make sure forests are still alive for our kids. And our kids’ kids. I searched for printer inks to keep the air nice and clean. Made sure I could use biodegradable packaging and recycled cardboard boxes, obviously. Then to give back to the planet we take so much from, I found a way of planting trees whenever I process an order.

From a little seed of imagination, I hope to transform your space into something that makes you feel good.


Embrace it.